I suggest you ask yourself the question: “What do I really want?” every week, every month, every quarter and every year in preparation for the next question: “What am I going to do?”  It seems very obvious and yet so many people zigzag through life never having asked the question, what do I really want from this life? Perhaps you have asked once or twice but didn’t do anything about it or lost your way.  The reason I suggest that you revisit the question so often is so that you will stay focused on the destination and do what is required to make it happen.  You may also find that some things will change as you change and some things will continue to be a burning desire.

We want to avoid writing goals out, (or even worse just thinking them in our head), at the top of the year only to have them forgotten by March.  There is nothing worse than finding yourself watching another “ball drop” on the “Rockin’ New Years Eve Show”, disappointed because another year has gone by and you didn’t accomplish any of the goals you were so excited and determined to fulfill the year before.

“This year is going to be different”, is the usual proclamation. But how will you make it different?  It takes a lot more than writing goals on a piece of paper.  For them to be actualized those goals have to be reviewed on a regular basis and broken down into bite size pieces, reverse engineered if you will. That is where the second question comes into play: What am I going to do?  Or perhaps the better question is; what am I willing to do?  Action is the key to making anything happen.  What action will you take to realize your goal?  What sacrifice are you willing to make?  When will you do it?  How will you do it?  What will you need to change?  What skills might be required that you don’t currently have?

When 2017 arrives what will you have accomplished?

If knowing what you want is a stumbling block, it would be my privilege to help you find your true purpose and calling.