Confessions of a Recovering Procrastinator

Procrastination is a common enough word that is casually used on a regular basis to excuse ourselves from our unfinished work. However, it can be a crippling problem with such a profound affect on our lives that years slip by before we realize how much we have actually lost.
Everyone has gifts, talents, intelligence, or something unique to share. Unfortunately, we many never let that light in us shine and instead find ourselves trapped in a less than fulfilling life because we are procrastinating our future.
It’s a false assumption to think that the only things we procrastinate are those things we don’t want to do. In fact, when we are trapped in the cycle of procrastination we will avoid doing even the things we want to do and that would bring us joy.
I was stuck in this loop for some time. I was fearful of making a mistake or of flat-out failing, so I would get about 80% of the way to achieving something and then find excuse after excuse why I had to do something else that was more important. I would repeat this until I was mentally drained, almost to the point of depression. That would lead to another bad cycle of obsessive cleaning, or TV watching or buying another book that would help me solve my problem. It didn’t matter what it was, as long as it kept me busy and gave me the feeling that I was doing something and making progress. I wasn’t making progress though, I was hiding and in denial.
I already had all the information I needed. I already knew what I needed to know. I already had the talent necessary. I needed to act on my knowledge! I needed to go out there boldly and say this is my expertise. It’s okay if you don’t agree or you don’t like me; I’m not going to let my life slip away and not share my knowledge, gifts, and talents with the world out of fear.
My procrastination, quite frankly, was paralyzing me. I was behaving in ways that were taking me backwards. The final straw was that I had gained a lot of weight while I ate away my feelings of regret and fear. Unfortunately, this only gave me another excuse for not getting in front of my audience to proclaim my message. I thought, how can I continue to coach others when I am not doing what I ask of my clients? That was the question that made me finally begin to confront my procrastination.
Here is the important part: there is real effort involved in change. There is work to do if you want to create a new habit and new way of behaving. You must become conscious of what you are doing and why. I decided it was time to coach myself the way I would a client. I began to ask different questions and tell myself a different story. Now, I take measures every day to make sure that I stay out of the cycle of procrastination.
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