Meet Liese

Productivity and Life Management Coach

CEO and Founder of

My journey began at a young age as I tried to put order to things and because I am a born problem solver. It wasn’t until a big move to upstate New York that I turned what was my own journey into a business to help other women that I knew who were also struggling to find “balance”.
Now I’m known as the time finder! I’m a busy entrepreneur, wife and mother who used to struggle trying to get it all done and please everyone.
Through lots of trial and error I was able to develop the right systems that allowed me to put an end to the mad struggle of feeling overwhelmed and burned out. Like a lot of woman, I know, I have a desire to be everything to everyone: a great friend, a caring mom, a loving wife, etc., and to be successful both at home and at work. Plus, I would like to have a little time for myself! Does that sound overwhelming? It was to me, and it is to a lot of women I meet. I realized I could relax, maintain energy, and be successful.
The systems that I have developed work to manage your mind, time and space and they combine everything that I have learned, studied, practiced and taught. I take a very holistic approach and tailor my coaching specifically to the core values and needs of each client. My clients experience maximum achievement without the burnout.
If you would like to join the list of satisfied, successful women who are done feeling overwhelmed, overworked, guilty and frustrated and are truly finding time to enjoy their lives, then we should talk.