This week I’m throwing down a challenge:  take a break from the news!

The mainstream “news” is a multi-billion dollar industry that is filling your mind with a lot of rot.  That’s right, I said it.

Many years ago I made the conscience decision to stop watching the news in all its many and varied forms and to only selectively read about current events. It was the best decision I ever made.  There are times when I am in the dark about an event, but trust me it’s not long and you would be surprised how up to date you can stay without trying.

If we are what we think about and our minds are such a powerful thing, than it tracks that we have to be careful what we feed our minds on a regular basis.

At this moment we are deep in media frenzy over the presidential candidates and the issues that are “so important”.  This is a perfect example of how most of what you learn on the news is bias in some way and filled with hate at its worst and negativity at its very best.  It is certainly no way to find the truth.

To some the daily consumption of “news” in its many forms is an addiction.  It can be very difficult to give it up.  However, I challenge you to do it for 10 days and witness the peace and joy that can replace the time you waste on this daily dose of negative energy.

Take the time instead to do some meditation or prayer.  Read or watch some positive uplifting material.  The idea is to replace your current news binge with a more mind healthy practice.

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