There are plenty of things to be fearful of, but some are just plain irrational.  A fear is irrational when there is no truth behind it, or when it is not based on good judgement, clear thinking or reason.  When faced with a fear, you may consider taking inventory:

  • Am I basing my thoughts and feelings on good judgement?
  • Am I thinking clearly and using reason?
  • Is this something that I can work through?
  • Do I need help with this?
  • Is this keeping me from something important?

I have referenced two articles below that go into some detail on irrational fears and phobias.

I know from my own experience and my experience working with my clients that it is important to be able to distinguish one type of fear from another.  Life is about living to your fullest potential and you don’t want to be kept from that because of fears that you can conquer.  Sometimes it takes determined effort and perseverance.  Sometimes it requires help from a professional. Most importantly it is about taking the first step, and the second, and staying the course until you can move past the fear or at least live with it and still accomplish your goal.

If a coach is what you need to help you get passed your fear, then I am here to help.  Contact me for a free “get to know me” session and let’s see what we can do together.