I just finished reading, “Changeology”, by John C. Norcross, PhD.  I learned again, you must follow through.  I read a lot of books about success, change, goals, habits, coaching, being highly effective, organization, etc.  I have come to the conclusion that the key to it all is follow through.

Why?  Because no matter how many books you read, seminars you attend, or coaching sessions you have, if you don’t follow through you will not succeed.

How many diet have you started? How many goals have you re-set? How many times have you vowed to never again: fill in the blank?

We have great intentions.  To intend means to have in mind; plan.  Intention is synonymous with purpose, goal, end, aim or objective.

Typically, we set a goal and decide on an objective, bit that is just the first step.  If you are doing that much I applaud you, because it is exactly what you should be doing, but it isn’t enough.  Just as it isn’t enough to spend a weekend at a personal development retreat or do six weeks of coaching only to return to your life without taking any action.

I challenge you to follow through.  Stick with the diet, work at your big dream, keep the promises you make to yourself.  If you do you will succeed.

As always, I am here to help.  If you need help with your follow through make an appointment when we can talk.