How do you become the best possible version of yourself?

You make changes each and every day to become a little bit better.  You strive to work on new habits and strengthen your self-discipline, learn new skills, develop talents, and gain new knowledge.  You become the best by setting goals and working to achieve them.  Each day you’re incrementally better than you were the day before until one day… you are there!

Life is a journey and you should be enjoying it.  The first step in planning a journey is mapping a course.  The destination is very important; however, so are all the little steps along the way.  According to Napoleon Hill, in his book Keys to Success, enthusiasm is a key ingredient.  He compares it to gasoline’s role in propelling a car forward.  “Enthusiasm is power”, he states, “it can transform adversity, failure and temporary defeat into action”.

The following is a list of some of the benefits of enthusiasm according to Napoleon Hill:

  1. Increase the intensity of your thinking and imagination
  2. Acquire a pleasing and convincing tone of voice
  3. Reduce the drudgery in your work
  4. Have a more attractive personality
  5. Gain self-confidence
  6. Strengthen your mental and physical health
  7. Build your personal initiative
  8. Overcome physical and mental fatigue more easily
  9. Spread your enthusiasm to others

Let’s be enthusiastic as we journey down the road toward our big dreams and goals.  It reminds me of some wonderful road trips with my family growing up.  Singing songs in the back of a station wagon with my sister and picnicking along the way on cross country journeys.  Oh, how much sweeter the destination when the trip itself was so enjoyable.

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