There are a variety of reasons that someone might not take the leap and do something new.   The fear that it just won’t be good enough is one.  Perfection and success, however, have nothing to do with one another.

I say: make a mistake; no, make lots of mistakes.  JUMP. Do the thing that scares you.  Don’t let anything or anyone stop you.  Just take the first step, go ahead, and do it!  When you do you will be on the road to success.

It is probably going to feel a bit uncomfortable.  Consider how a pianist feels when faced with a new piece of music or an athlete determined to break a record.  Is the piano piece perfect on the very first try, or the record broken the first time out of the blocks? Of course not.  It takes repeated practice to build the confidence to perform at a higher level.

This principle applies to everyone.  No matter what you are trying to achieve, even if it’s as simple as trying to get your children to bed on time consistently.  The bottom line is, in life we cannot expect that everything we do will be perfect immediately. And, sometimes, even with practice we may come up short, but that’s okay too.  The more you do, the more confidence you will build and the more you will improve. This will propel you along the road to success.

The beauty of this method is that the more you act in this way the more you will fuel your ability to tackle the next scary task.  You are exercising and building your success muscles.

So, go out there boldly and tackle all the scary hard stuff.  You may not get it perfect, but you will have success; success by doing.

If you need help jumping, let me know, I would be happy to give you a little push.