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Do you wish life had a pause button?

Are you frustrated, stressed out and overwhelmed trying to balance work and everything else? Are you a mom trying to start your own business? Do you have a family and a corporate job? Are you surrounded by clutter? Does your head ache because you have too much on your mind? Are you missing out on the things that bring you the most joy? Do you wish you could press pause and catch up?

If this sounds like you, congratulations, you are in the right place. Time finder pro is a company that specializes in helping you get rid of the frustration, stress and overwhelm that is keeping you from enjoying the life you want and deserve. We want to help you end the mad and crazy hustle and bustle that leads nowhere. In fact, it is the purpose and passion of time finder pro to guide, educate and motivate each of our clients on their journey to greater abundance by organizing their mind, time and space.

We start with your core desires and work with you to create a life that gives you purpose and joy.


The philosophy of time finder pro is based on the principle of order in three areas.


We begin with the mind, because your thoughts are the most powerful part of the equation. Stephen Covey taught me to first know where I am going and what I want. When I trained for my life coach certification we were taught similarly to begin by creating a vision with our clients. I like to equate this to setting your “Personal GPS”. After all it is difficult to get where you are going if you have no idea where that is. In other words, we begin with the end in mind.


We all get the same amount of time in a day, but not everyone maximizes that time. Once you know where you are going it is easier to determine how to use your time on a daily basis. There are lots of ways to be productive and we examine the best fit for you to create the perfect balance in your day in order to be most effective. Have I mentioned that time is money? The side benefit of optimal efficiency and productivity is that it usually has a positive effect on your earning potential.


I think this is the area that helps time finder pro stand apart from other time-management systems, because we also look at how your space is impacting your mind and time. Let’s face it you can’t be as productive if you are always searching for things or are buried in clutter. Your environment is important to your well-being. Your surroundings play a vital role in saving time, decreasing frustration and even saving you money.


  • I think Liese could relate to me, because she is a mother too and is able understand some of the challenges that go along with that responsibility. She is down to earth, realistic, spiritual, motivating and sometimes tough. After completing six weeks of coaching I decided to do a full year with Liese and she has helped me with every aspect of my life from my daily schedule to my long-term goals and everything in between including what is in my kitchen cabinets and even my wardrobe. I’ve never felt this good.

    P. Keats
  • Liese is accessible. You know she is invested in making sure that you get where you want to go. She cares. I knew on the days I was doubting myself I could look to her for help. I will continue to coach with her, know that I know what I can do my dreams just keep getting bigger

    M. Church
  • Knowing Liese from our community, I know that she walks the talk! She doesn’t just teach the principles of success but lives them and that was really important to me when I was looking for a coach. I knew I had a lot to share I just wasn’t sure where to start or how I could make it all work. Liese coached me to the success I was looking for at home and work.

    J. Murphy
  • “I’ve read lots of self-help books and listened to lots of tapes on motivation, achieving your goals…. but taking action on those has always been a challenge for me until I took this 6-week coaching coarse. The step by step process Liese takes you on makes taking action so doable. Her insight and explanations were enlightening. She gave homework that was really thought provoking and allowed me to dig deep. I feel that after this 6 weeks course my goals will be achieved, as I now have ground work for all the actions necessary to achieve my goals. I am very thankful I chose to have this coaching experience with Liese.”

    S. Weston
  • “Liese had me look at my goals (and the issues I’d had achieving them) from multiple angles, forcing me to see things that I had not seen before and make connections I never would have on my own. She taught me a lot of principles and mechanisms to use as well as mediated inner conversations between me and myself. I can testify to you that if you put as much of yourself into this program as you can, you will see great results. I am already underway with things that I’ve been attempting to accomplish for years! Liese is a fantastic coach.”

    H. Pero
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